About Doidy Cup

The two-handled Doidy Cup, has been scientifically designed with a unique slant in order to teach infants to drink from a rim, rather than from a spout or a teated bottle. Health Professionals and leading health organisations are active in recommending the introduction of an open cup at around 6 months of age and encouraging the transition from bottle to cup by one year of age.

However, the Doidy Cup can be used from 3m+ for feeding expressed or formula milk and avoids the need to introduce a bottle or spouted cup in the weaning process. Babies find the drinking action is the same as in breast feeding.


  • The contents are clearly visible when drinking
  • The sloping design allows a more natural upward and downward motion of the hands and arms (unlike bottles and sippy cups which require forward and backward movement of the head which often leads to spillages)
  • Children learn how to drink from an open cup and how to put it down correctly
  • Children are less likely to overfeed


The Doidy Cup has a 200 ml capacity. Doidy is made from virgin food safe HDPE and is BPA-, PVC- and Phthalates-free. The cup can be sterilised in a steamer or microwave steamer, is dishwasher (top shelf) and freezer proof. All colours conform to BS EN14350. We recommend caution when warming some drinks (in particular milk) in a Doidy using a microwave as it can lead to patchy heating of the plastic.

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