When to introduce the Doidy Cup?

Even children as young as 3 months old find the two handled Doidy Cup easy to use. At first the parent may need to hold the bottom of the cup whilst gently putting the rim on the lower lip to allow baby to take what they want. As baby grows they will want to hold the handles and feed themselves.
Before using your Doidy Cup please follow the instructions found in the pack.

Is the Doidy Cup BPA free?

Yes. The Doidy Cup is made from food safe HDPE. It is BPA free, Phthalates-free, PVC-free. It conforms to EN 14350 regulations.

Is the Doidy Cup dishwasher and microwave safe?

Yes. The Doidy Cup is dishwasher (top shelf) and microwave safe.
We recommend caution when warming some drinks (in particular milk) in a Doidy using a microwave as it can lead to patchy heating of the plastic.

Is the Doidy Cup recyclable?

Yes. Doidy Cup is made from HDPE, which is widely recyclable. Please check with your local recycle centre for details.

How much liquid can the Doidy Cup hold?

The Doidy Cup has a 200 ml capacity.

What colours can I get it in? What if the colour I want is out of stock?

The Doidy Cup is offered in 16 different colours. If a colour you are interested in is currently out of stock, please contact us and we’ll let you know when it becomes available again.

Please note: We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colours and images of our products that appear at the store. We cannot guarantee that your computer monitor’s display of any colour will be accurate.

Why is the cup slanted?

The sloping design allows a more natural upward and downward motion of the hands and arms (unlike bottles and sippy cups which require forward and backward movement of the head which often leads to spillages). It also makes the contents clearly visible to the child, when drinking.

Do health professionals endorse the Doidy Cup?

Health Professionals endorse the use of the Doidy Cup to help prevent premature tooth decay, poor feeding techniques, delayed speech development and iron deficient anaemia, amongst other health benefits. Speech therapists use the Doidy Cup to teach lip and tongue control. The Doidy Cup is also a UNICEF baby friendly product.

Can Doidy Cups be used by the disabled and the elderly?

Yes, the Doidy Cup can be the perfect tool to make drinking easy and accessible for the disabled, the elderly and people with Alzheimers. Red and yellow cups are more visible to the partially sighted.

Where is Doidy Cup made?

The Doidy Cup is manufactured in the UK. DOIDY is a registered trademark of the Bickiepegs company. A family company.

As Laursenholt (also a family businesses! 😉 ), we import the cups and sell and distribute them in Denmark.

What are the shipping costs?

We send our packages with Post Nord. Within Denmark we have a flat shipping rate of 35kr.

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