Doidy Cup Story

The Story Behind the Cup

Doidy Cup was invented in 1950 by Tom Pickering, a British draftsman. He has was worried about his sons slow speech development. The speech therapist they visited recommended to stop using the bottle with a teat, as it was the most likely cause impeding his son’s speech development and instead opt for a open cup.

As regular glasses and cups were too cumbersome to use, Tom Pickering sat to the drawing board and ended up with the iconic slanted cup. The design soon turned into a product.

Since then the innovative, yet functional, design has stood the test of time and with only a few cosmetic changes is still manufactured to this day in the U.K. to ensure quality and traceability.

And if you are wondering where the Doidy name came from… Well, whilst Tom’s son was learning to speak, he pronounced “daddy” as “doidy”.

A selection of packaging and advertising for the Doidy Cup through the years.

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