How to Doidy

Before First Use

Before first use please wash the cup with hot soapy water and then rinse with clean water.

Introducing the Doidy Cup

When first introducing the Doidy Cup use a small amount of liquid and hold the cup at the bottom. Place the rim on the lower lip to allow baby to take what she wants. After a few weeks the baby will take the handles and try to drink more independently. From then the baby will move towards picking the cup up and putting it down.

There may be some spillages but remember this is the only way that baby will learn.

3+ months

The Doidy Cup can be used for babies from the age of 3 months and earlier with expressed or formula milk. The process of drinking from the Doidy Cup uses the same natural jaw and tongue suckling movements as with breastfeeding, leaving the baby’s suckling ability intact.

6+ months

Health Professionals recommend the introduction of an open cup from 6 months of age. Breast or bottle-fed babies may be encouraged to drink from the Doidy Cup. Learning to drink from the Doidy Cup at a young age can allow the move from breast to cup without the introduction of a spout or teated bottle.

12+ months

Often around this age children want to drink independently from an open cup, to be part of the social eating experience and to show how clever they are! Health Professionals also recommend complete bottle elimination by the age of 1 year.

Older Children & Adults

Additionaly, the Doidy Cup may also be used by older children and adults – for example when one has to stay in bed during an illness or a hospital stay, as well as those with special needs, or for the elderly who may be cognitively impaired.


Doidy on the GO

When you travel keep all drinks in a separate sealed container and the cup in a plastic bag. You may wish to use the original packaging for this purpose, as it’s resealable.

Discard any drink that has been contaminated with saliva (as it is open to bacteria) and wash the cup after each use.


Remember to never leave your child unattended whilst feeding or drinking.


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